Home Automation Using Tasker and Z-Wave

Learn how I built my home automation system using Tasker and Z-Wave.

I’m big on automation. I love to try to figure out creative ways to automate simple tasks in my life to give me more time, not to mention impress my friends (no comments from the peanut gallery, please).

Well, Tasker is probably up there in the top 5 Android apps in my opinion because of its limitless abilities to automate things.

In its simplest form, Tasker is just an app to create scheduled tasks. It can control just about any aspect of the phone. Their simple interface makes it fairly easy to figure out basic automated tasks, and with the help of some tutorials, you can do some incredible stuff.

One of the best things about Tasker is that since it’s been around for a while and has gained popularity, there are tons of other developers that have built integrations of their apps into Tasker either as triggers or actions. This allows you to extend the functionality outside the bounds of your phone and actually interact with apps that control other things.

For instance, one of my other all time favorite apps is AutHomationHD which is a Z-Wave home automation system remote control on Android. It has Tasker integration built-in, so I have put together many Tasker profiles that, when triggered, tell AutHomationHD to turn lights or devices in my house on or off, or trigger a scene that actually sets many devices to a preset state.

To learn about Z-Wave Home Automation, check this out…


The other kind of Tasker integration is for triggering Tasker tasks. One of my favorites for that is AutoVoice developed by the amazing Joaomgcd. This guy has developed a lot of Tasker plugin apps and they are all worth checking out. AutoVoice is a voice recognition app that sends commands into Tasker that trigger profiles. It also has Google Now integration when you have the Xposed framework installed on your rooted phone, and it allows you to use the built-in voice search in Google Now to recognize commands to trigger in Tasker.

The end result is that I can get in my bed and say to my phone “Ok Google, goodnight” and all of the lights in my house turn off, my security system arms, and my phone replies to me saying “Sleep tight.”

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