With each new Google product, there is always a bit of skepticism that comes along with it as a result of some half-baked products that they’ve announced in the past (Nexus Q, Google TV, Google Buzz, etc.)

However, recently they’ve been getting a lot more traction with their product and announcements. Google+, while nothing compared to Facebook is still alive, active, and growing. Android is becoming more dominant in the smartphone space. Chromecast was a huge success.

Now, Android Wear is out. The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are available to purchase right now at the Google Play Store. It may seem that it’s not catching on like Google would like, but like many people, I’m waiting for the Motorola Moto360 with the circular screen. Design-wise, that’s where it’s at and that’s what people want.

I’ve personally been waiting for this for quite some time. Ever since Google came out with “Google Now”, I realized exactly what they were doing. They were preparing a platform that would be the core of future wearables. Google Now tracks everything about you (location, websites viewed, searches made, incoming emails) and gives you smart, actionable notifications at just the right time.

Many people are waiting to see what Apple comes out with. No doubt, the iWatch will be a beautiful piece of electronic jewelry. It’s going to look good and people are going to buy it. But, there’s one area where I can’t see Apple beating Google in the smart watch wars… software.

Sure, the iWatch will have Siri, but I really think that Google Now has the upper hand right now.

What do you think? Which one is finally going to be a success in the new wearables market?