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      I love your channel because it has real info and not the usual repeats from the KN (Know Nothing) crowd.
      Personally I like the YouTube add on in Kodi or SPMC because it stays on the original subject and skips the usual ads.

      Lately that has stopped working and it seems there are no real fixes for it. OK maybe It is just because I run SPMC or an older version of KODI – but can you advise on what’s going on and how to fix it??

      Also I have noticed a lot of websites now have good streaming TV – Please don’t put them on YouTube or they will die soon after. But – I have found that Firefox for Android works well on the Firestick and without a mouse. It streams these websites well. Now here is what I would like to see you do. Make an APP or APK that has a list of user editable URLs and launches Firefox for android TV. This way a user can simply edit any web url in the list and it will launch firefox to that site.
      Example XUMO.TV etc but there are better ones. Keep up the good work I’m watching! :)

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