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      Hi Nathan,
      Total noob here looking to get a Kodi box. Based on your reviews, I\’m leaning towards the Element (EZ-Stream) Ti8. I currently have a VPN service (NordVPN). Saw the TI8 YouTube tutorials and saw that there\’s a \”VPN\” menu option in the Network settings. My question is this: Can ANY VPN service be setup in that menu or more specifically, mine? Can\’t find any answers on the EzStream website or even any reference to VPNs or their requirements. Any help prior to purchase would be greatly appreciated… Also, any other recommendations for a Kodi box?

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      I don’t think you can use that menu for this purpose.  But, you should be able to easily download their app and connect to the VPN that way.

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      I have a similar question. I bought the EZ-Stream Ti8 last week. I read the recommendations to use a VPN service for internet security. In one of the posts their was a link to reviews of VPNS and I selected PureVPN as they had a promotion that made it rather affordable if you purchased 2 yrs.

      I bought it and received an email confirm with a link. I had to contact technical support on various occasions and have still not been able to install. Their site gives info for installing on Iphones, computers and Android devices, but it is clearly not meant as an Android box. THey gave me three different links (very hard to enter using the remote) into the browser of the Ez-stream. None worked. They kept saying they had an error. They then told me I would have to install it on my router. But my router is in an upstairs room and its just a router.

      Is there another VPN service that is economical, reliable and will easily work with the EZ-Stream Ti8?

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      IPVanish is my favorite VPN service and it works great on my Element EZ-Stream Ti5 box. You can easily install it right from the Google Play Store. You can get IPVanish for 25% off at https://kinkeadtech.com/ipvanish

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