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    Hi Nathan
    Do you know how Trakt gets it data into Kodi.
    I used the OpenMeta addon from Binge skin I did get my shows from the Trakt library but it also gave me about 10 shows I did not want. I deleted files/shows in Kodi but they keep on reappearing in library (deleted from profile directory (shows in but they are still there – Kodi scans for new content. I have uninstalled addon but shows just move into new addon library. I asked Trakt for help – this is the reply –
    Justin Nemeth via
    3:13 AM (14 hours ago)
    In regards to the Kodi add-ons, it depends on how they are using Trakt data. If you are removing them on Trakt, I’m not sure how the add-on is then getting the data again unless they are using a different data section on Trakt then the one you are deleting from. I’d recommend contacting the add-on developer directly to specifically find out what data they are using. – Thanks

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    Well, I’m not the add-on developer, but I would not try to delete a show from within Kodi if it was synced via Trakt. Instead, I would just pull out my phone, go to, login, find the show and remove it from the relevant list or collection.

    Then, the next time OpemMeta syncs, the show should be removed.

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