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      It would really help this reader to know the date when you post every article and updated information on this wonderful Web site. I’m a big fan, but, due to an “aging” brain, am having trouble discerning which post has the most up-to-date information in the always-evolving life of Kodi.
      Adding the date to the start of a headline, or to the beginning of each article / post would really be helpful.

      The places where you’ve added dates to a posting, such as seen in the Add-on updates, are key to understanding the data.

      Also, I followed the step-by-steps to install Venom, but when finished, don’t see / can’t find any indication that it’s successfully been installed.

      Thanks for all of your work, information and helpful hints.

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      My posts have a date in the top of the page in the blue area to the right of the main image. If there is no date there, that means it’s older than a year.

      If you have followed the steps to install Venom, you should see a quick notification in the corner of the screen telling you it’s installed, but then it disappears.

      If you missed it, then just go back to the main screen of Kodi and browse your Video add-ons to see if it’s there.

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