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      The Crew suddenly has stopped functioning properly.
      When I try to access COLLECTION in My TV nothing happens.
      I am running Kodi 18.5 on a NVIDIA Shield with both Traktv and Real-Debrid.
      I have done several Hard reboots of the shield and updated THE CREW.
      Can you help me resolve this issue with an otherwise incredible add-on?

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      I just tried it and it’s working for me, but it did take a long time to load. I think that has been having server issues lately. I’ve heard reports of the Trakt API going down here and there. That might have been the case yesterday.

      Or, to be fair to them, it might not actually be their servers going down, but I know they have an API rate limit. So, if you are doing things that use too many API calls to Trakt within a time-frame, they block you until the time-frame resets. That’s another possibility.

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