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      I have multiple Kodi installations in my home, all with Genesis. The library is sync’d properly between these installations but what I would like to know is can I sync “MY Genesis” favorites between the machines. If I search for Movie/Tv Show on a machine then select Add to favorites, they will show up as favorites on that machine but not others, Can I have them show up as favorites on the other machines.
         What I’d really like to do is setup Genesis on 1 machine then point the other machines to that installation so that all settings would always be in sync. Is this possible?

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      Great question.  I ran into this same question.  It turn out that adding Genesis shows or movies to your favorites is completely separate from adding them to your library.
      There is no way that I’m aware of to sync your favorites across multiple devices because favorites are not a part of your library.
      But, after you see what you can do by adding Genesis shows and movies to your library, why would you event want to use the favorites feature?  I only open the Genesis add-on when I’m looking for something new.  When I want to watch a show that I’m already watching, I just go to my TV Show library and it’s there.

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