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      i bought an android box, fully loaded. Anyway, problems occurred and it needed a hard reset. it has open elec, kodi…
      Now, i managed to get all the repositories, superrepo, total, genesis etc. i have live tv streaming back.
      But what i want to know how to do is… when i first had the box, it was on the Aeon skin. with the simple headings, the headings, for example, *Movies* each had sub folders, when i clicked onto the sub folder, it took you straight away to the lists of movies (example, in theatres sub folder took you straight to scroll through the lists of in theatre movies on genesis) Each Folder had sub folders of favourites, so i could automatically click for ease.
      How do i get these sub folders back with the capability to link straight through to the streams from Genesis? instead of having to go to add ons and searching through that way?
      Unfortunately the shop i got the box from has been shut down. So far i am proud of myself getting everything back, but i need to go that bit further and i need help.
       please say you can help me

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      Hi, I think you are talking about the sub-menus under Movies on the home screen of Aeon Nox.  If so, you can go into the settings and completely customize the entire menu.  It’s in Settings > Appearance > Skin > Settings.  You’ll see something in there that lets you customize the home screen menu.  It will actually let you make a menu item to goes directly to a deep sub-page within an Add-on.
      Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.

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