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      My configuration is quit complicated. I have my TV (LG 42LE5900 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LED Internet TV with Freeview HD) and my xbox 360 located in the living room (20 meters from my PC) and I have Kodi installed in my PC, all 3 devices are connected to the same router (BT router) using BT Vision Simpler Networks 2x (Pair) Powerline Adapters (200Mbps), I would like to play any media on the Kodi (on my PC) and t be able to watch it on my TV.
      Is this thing possible? I’ve tried WMC and someone on one of the forums told me Plex can do it.
      I will be happy if you can help me solve this problem.
      Best regards,

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      Ofer, it would really be ideal if you could have your PC (with Kodi) connected to the TV.  I don’t believe there is any way of streaming Kodi media to the Xbox 360.  I see your options as this.

      • Rearrange your furniture to get the PC close to the TV
      • Use the Plex app on the Xbox 360 and install the Plex server on your PC to scan your media (only useful if you have downloaded media as opposed to using Kodi add-ons)
      • You might want to look into getting a Wireless HDMI device to connect your PC to your TV.
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      I guess i have to do the same , I have my Xbox 360 slim wired / Ethernet to the computer with windows 10 for the internet service , Less lag that way , But I’m also trying to stream Kodi to my Xbox slim then to TV

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      I completely understand what you’re saying here.  You want to be able to “play to” your xbox 360. well you need a player that supports upnp play to functionality. I don’t think kodi has that built in yet..  Maybe you should suggest it to them for the next build…

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      use bubblepnp

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      Change 1channel settings and it can be done, in settings change playback to directory, then go to a link press and hold click play from and your Xbox, tv ect should show if connected to the same network hope this help

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      Note that very few links will stream…… vidbull cloudzilla neocloud maybe some more and sometimes they fail so not too reliable but very handy

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      Why don’t you just download it to your phone then buy the cord from radio shack to hook it up to your HDTV directly, much simpler.

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      That might be better if you have no family and friends 

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      Dose Xbox 360 not have UPnp if so turn on UPnp in Kody services setting and steam it that way to your xbox. Any device with UPnp can share and stream content back and forth

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