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      hi, my name is Ray. i really , realy hope you can help me. i’m really stump on this. i have two devices , a nvidia shield media box and a amazon cube . i have both hook up to two t.v.s when i am watching live streaming events ,like news, after 3hours on average the t.v.’s will go into a sleep mode . you will see the notice on the screen. it says hit any button to disable. you also see a number timer in the red box that says “sleep mode” Nathan , hear is where it gets crazy. i gave my buddy both the amazon cube and the nvidia media box to hook up at his house to see if in fact the boxes would shut down. my buddy simply hook up the boxes , meaning plug and play. he did not have to put in any info. in the media boxes.he ran my media boxes for several days. he calls me and tells me the boxes never, never shut down, no crashing down , no messages in the middle of the screen saying “sleep mode” Nathan, why is this happening at my house and the boxes work fine at my buddy’s house? i’ve contacted Xfinity, they have no answer,my buddy and i have the same package with Xfinity. 1 gigabyte per minute.Nathan, i just don’t get it. how my streaming boxes work as advertise in my buddy’s home no shut downs, no sleep mode notice., but at my home on average of 3 hours the streaming boxes go to sleep mode. both t.v.’s up stairs and down stairs gets this message on the screen around 3 hours of watching live events .i need your help, Nathan because i’m stressing out big time. hope to hear from you with some great news. take care , Ray.

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