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      I loaded shadow but it has a popup to have us go to real-debrid and then enter a code. when I do that it the want me to put in user name and password. I dont have a real-debrid account so cant go any further. the shadow addon doesn’t find any sources when it searches. is real-debrid a must for this addon to work? the crew works fine. am I missing something?

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      I didn’t think that Shadow was a Debrid-only add-on. Are you able to skip the popup?

      With that aside, I do recommend signing up for Real-Debrid because you will get much better high-bandwidth links. It makes Kodi streaming much more seamless.

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      I can skip it but it still didn’t work. I will try removing it and reinstalling at some point. The weird thing is that the crew works and they are the same fork. I am a little gun shy of signing up through any service that is tracible. It would be a great service to have and would love to try though.

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      Me to, installed shadow same problem,I have a low BB speed under 5 meg,so signing up for real debrid would be false economy using the premise you get a better speed!

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      I’m in the same boat 10meg at best where we are. Would be nice to have better links though.

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