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      I am trying to figure out how to get the Up Next Feature up and running.
      In Seren there is a setting under “Smart Play Settings” called “Enabled up next integration”.
      There is also a kodi add on called “Up Next” which I have installed.
      I tried activating / deactivating both add ons to see whoch one will work. So far I havent been successful. Is the Seren setting “Up Next” its own up next feature, or does it simply mean use the kodi add on “Up Next”.
      Shouldnt the kodi addon “Up Next” start in any add on ?

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      The “Up Next” add-on is its own add-on which needs to be active, but it also needs another add-on to tell it what to do. The Seren add-on has functionality built into it (when enabled) to utilize the “Up Next” add-on to automatically start the next episode at the end of the current one.

      I’m not sure what you’ve tried, but I think the Up Next functionality only works if you are playing a playlist, so that’s why there’s a toggle to enable “Auto Playlist Creation”. It does a pretty good job at creating a playlist for you whenever you play something so that it will have something to binge on next.

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      I have set both “time settings” to the same seconds in both Seren and also the service addon “UpNext” and it is working now. Maybe that’s what the problem was – who knows.

      I don’t really know what the “playlist” feature is. But I have tried watching a TV show and sure enough “UpNext” kicks in and you can jump (WatchNow button or jump automatically when not doing anything – it’s a setting in UpNext) to the next episode.
      Very cool feature !

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      I agree, it’s a very cool feature!

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