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      I was extremely glad to have found your website a few weeks ago. You have educated greatly me on how Kodi works. I have followed your tutorials and they have worked flawlessly.

      I read your advice on getting Real Debrid and decided to give it a try. I signed up for an account, thinking I would activate it later. Then I started getting a “blue” link in my Covenant box and only would get 720p links. Before I signed up for Real Debrid, I was getting 1080p links. Then I discovered that when I signed up I got the “free” version of RD. Now I do not want the premium version of RD. I want to uninstall Real Debrid or cancel my account. On their website there is no way to cancel or uninstall RD. How do I return my Kodi to pre RD state?

      Thank you

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      Well thx Max,i will try that,god damn pieces of cake…

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      how do i delete my account off their site?

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      I would like to cancel my account please.

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      Please cancel my account! I can’t log in & I can’t even get to support!!!

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      Just checked the site and I was able to log in .

      Have you tried this?

      If you have forgotten your passwords please use the associated function on our website :
      Please note that you can use your email address instead of your username.

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      I cant get set up. I get a 4 digit code then get message invalid device code. I registered with my cell phone. Is that why? What should I do?

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      Real debrid links are not working

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      Real-Debrid should not reduce the number of links you have available. It only adds to it. You should have all the links you had before, but you would need to scroll down to see them.

      If you want to remove Real-Debrid from Kodi, go into the Covenant settings, go into the Accounts tab, and find Real-Debrid. There should be a link there to manage the URL Resolver settings. Over there, find Real-Debrid, and click “Reset Authorization”.

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      I’ve found that if RD doesn’t load at all. As in showing zero links available. Re authorize.
      Fixes the problem 99% of the time.
      Don’t know why this happens, but it’s an easy fix.
      I find the premium RD, I pay a year upfront, is well worth it.
      Shows that typically have zero 1080 else wise, will usually have one or two 1080 from RD.

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      I don’t believe you can go directly to their site and just “opt out” or cancel. You’d have to go to their support page and send an email. Asking to be removed from their database.

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      Guys, this is not the Real-Debrid website. Their website is at

      With that said, their subscriptions are not auto-recurring. You pay them for a certain amount of time and when that time passes, you would need to manually pay them again to extend your subscription. So, there’s really nothing to cancel.

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      I have never had problems with Real Debrid. It’s an amazing service!
      Configure your add on to utilize real debrid. I am using Seren and Gaia.
      When it searches for shows or movies it shows you the amount of real debrid links it has found.
      Since then I have never run into buffering issues.
      There is nothing to cancel with real debrid. You pay up front and when the six months are over you cannot longer use their service.
      You probably could deactivate the accounts from your kodi addons if needed.

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      I tried to go in my acct to renew my plan. When I entered my information I got message stating incorrect info, so I go to forgot my password, change password and enter new password I get message stating incorrect info, how can resolve this issue

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      Sounds like 2 factor authentication. Are you sure it didn’t email or text you the code?

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      No I did not get a code via email or text. Under account information 2 factor authentication is checked. I asked support about that. They basically denied need for that. When I get code it says go to realdebrid/pin/. Isn’t that a different platform? Are there 2 systems? It seems I registered for real-debrid but am getting directed to realdebrid/pin/ which provides a 4 digit pin and gives me invalid device code. I hope I’m making sense.

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      I think the URL you’re looking for is

      That is used for “authorizing” a Kodi add-on to use your Real-Debrid account. But, it’s not a 4-digit pin. The Kodi add-on will give you a code to enter into that box, but it will be longer than 4.

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      This is really weird — I never received any pin code authorization.

      There are videos on YouTube with installation guides such as this one. Maybe this helps.

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      Why after I enter code it returns me to enter am user name and password…that is strange.

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      I received a REAL-DEBRID – Avertissement / Warning message because someone hacked my IP. Now I’m being told that another incident again and my account will be suspended. This is absolutely NOT my fault some idiot hacked my IP…….I’ve been using RD for years now, never had an issue before…smh!

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      I have just signed up to Realdebrid and have been given an 8 digit code, on my device this is not accepted by RD reporting “invalid device code”, I have gone through this procedure four times now making sure I am following the instructions,still no joy I’ve paid for a subscription.

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      Hi NathanI read your comment saying this is not the realdebrid website and to visit the RD website. I have tried that and it’s useless. My problem was RD does not accept my device code so I am at a loss what to do next hence this message.

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      Hello yet again following the above comment, With some further fiddling I have managed to set up RD on my new Nvidia Shield pro and so far it’s working, lets see what future use brings.

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