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    Hi – I tried Kodi over a year ago and was very frustrated with it. I find myself now with another fall approaching not being able to watch my favorite NFL team and am thinking about seeing what has improved. Is there providers available for the NFL that are similar to what Direct TV offers (how much longer will they have this monopoly). Thanks.

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    Hi Thomas. Glad to hear you want to give it another go. A lot of people left back then when some major repos and add-ons were going down. That actually made the Kodi experience all the better because we didn’t have just one add-on that everybody was using. People spread out and we had a lot less of the congestion problems like back then.

    Anyway, about your question about watching NFL, there were several add-ons that I would have recommended you checked out. Unfortunately, it might just be bad timing, but there were a few repos that all went down just a couple weeks ago, so most of those best options are not available anymore.

    There are still a couple that might work for you. You can go 2 possible routes… a sports add-on or a live TV add-on.

    Here are some pages to check out…

    The Best Working Live Sports Add-ons for Kodi

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