Problem re installing Kodi in the start up screen .

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    To clear “Jink” out of my MXQ Media box I reset it.
    Have downloaded Kodi firstly using Google Play and then, when this faild, using https//
    Both installations installed Kodi in the Apps section of the Settings file but not in the Apps section of the start up screen. Have tried to copy the file from the settings section of Apps without success.
    Can you advise on haw to either download Kodi into the Apps Section of the Start up screen or copy or paste from the Apps section of Setttings to the Apps section of the Start-up screen, or any other method to get it back onto the start-up screen? Thanks for your help.

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    If I understand you correctly, you installed the Kodi app on your Android device twice, but you can’t get the app icons to show up on your Android home screen (launcher)?

    In order to get them on your home screen, you need to open the app drawer on your home screen, touch and hold the app, and drag it where you want on your home screen.

    If you don’t have an app drawer icon, try to tap and hold on the home screen background and see if there’s a way to add a shortcut to the “activity” called app drawer.

    There is also usually a launcher setting somewhere to automatically add newly installed apps to your home screen.

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