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      Hey Nathan!! Been trying to get Pluto tv to work like every installation video I’ve seen, with no success. They all say” just get it from the play store, download and it opens to the TV guide”. Wrong!! I have put it on 4 devices with the same results…. It opens to 3-5 commercials, then to some random movie or TV show. I have tried to get the guide up but can only get the terrarium style wall of thumbnails up by hitting the ” right” button. If I hit the left button I get a glimpse of the guide everyone shows on their install vids ,then it goes back to the launcher screen. I suppose I’m not holding my mouth right as grampa used to say when something didn’t work as planned.Any ideas?

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      Ha, yeah my grandpa used to say the same thing! Anyway, I haven’t used Pluto TV before, but I just installed it on my Pixel 2 XL running Android Pie and it worked perfectly fine. Is there something in common with those 4 Android devices that you installed it on? Are they all running older versions of Android or something?

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      T95z with 17.6, tablet with 17.1,Moto e5 with 18.2, and t95q with 18.3. None have the same version of Android, from the tablet with 5? to the Android boxes with 5.? and 6.? , Moto e5 plus with 8.0. I just spoke to a friend running Kodi 16.1 and he doesn’t get my results, works as in the install vids. Must be something about me just pisses off Pluto!!

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      Wait, are you installing Pluto TV, the Android app from the Google Play Store? Or, are you installing Pluto TV, the Kodi add-on?

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      Got it from Google play store .I even tried from a URL with same results.I am officially stumped!!! Went back to the play store version , thinking I may have had a bad download or defective version yet same results. I guess I m not supposed to watch ” legal” tv!!!

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      Yeah, I don’t know why the Pluto TV app from the Play Store would not work. But, it was confusing that you were then talking about your Kodi versions, because that app should have nothing to do with Kodi. Anyway, I hope you figure it out… or just go back to Kodi ;)

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