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      Are you familiar with PFsense? I figure you mention that your into networking so I figure that you may have come across this.
      Anyways, I have a PFsense box I made from an old PC. I wanted to use an access point instead of a router in bridge mode.
      The reason I want to use an AP is because I know that some AP’s (I’m looking at the Grandstream 7630) support multiple SSID’s.
      I’m looking to configure 3 networks:
      1. My regular network (ie. Home)
      2. A VPN network
      3. an IOT network (Crap network,,lol)
      I know I can create Vlans on PFSense but I’m not sure how to configure each network, What switch I would need? I’m kind of looking for an inexpensive smart managed POE switch like the TP link TL-SG108PE, and how to setup the switch along with the access point.
      Hopefully I could inspire you to do a tutorial. I’m sure you would get a ton of views. Especially with people using vpns more but need a regular network to do amazon prime and banking stuff.
      If not no worries I’m still a fan.

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      Still looking for a solution for this. Im also using a grandstream ap.

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