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      Currently you need a json file for each player in order to connect it to OpenMeta.
      Would it be possible to have one json file to tell OpenMeta to search through your directory of players and list all of them in OpenMeta ?
      Shouldn’t you be able to pass the player, path and then Direct or Search as variables into 1 json file ?
      Just a thought

      Also I am looking to pull the players from my NAS , and not from the internet.
      So far I can’t get this to work, as it adds a “U” infront of my nfs://NAS-IP….

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      I think you’re a bit confused.

      OpenMeta players tell OpenMeta how to open a streaming video add-on to a specific movie or TV show episode.

      If you play content from your NAS, then you shouldn’t be using OpenMeta. Just use the Kodi library. Add video library file sources for your movies and your TV shows.

      Are you saying you were having trouble even pointing library sources to your NAS? I usually could accomplish that using SMB or even uPNP if your NAS supports it.

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      Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for your post.

      What I meant was , would it be possible to tell openmeta to search through the players folder and display all the ones found?

      Currently if one doesn’t have a json player file for a specific player, OpenMeta won’t and can’t display it. So if a new player is released, you are in need of a json file. (Currently there is no json file for NiteCrawler, so I re-programmed an existing one and replaced the links, which worked)

      So rather than having one json file for a specific player (direct.PLAYERNAME.json) , would it be possible to have one json file with all the players information included.You should be able to have only 1 json file and pass the player information as a variable.
      It’s just a thought, maybe it’s not possible.

      I should have probably added my second question as a seperate post – sorry about that.
      In the OpenMeta settings you can specify a URL where the players are pulled from.
      What I meant here is, is it possible to pull all the players from my local NAS , instead of a URL address (as it currently is).
      So far I have tried to pull from my NAS, but without any luck, as OpenMeta adds a “U” infront of my local NAS address.

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      Oh, gotcha. Sorry for my misunderstanding your questions.

      So, I think the a4k OpenProject has what you’re looking to do. They already have a URL ( that points to a zip that gets updated when new players are adopted. That zip file has a folder that currently contains 28 json files for different Kodi streaming video add-ons.

      Now regarding the fact that NiteCrawler is missing from that list of 28 players, I’m sure that if someone wrote a player following the instructions on this page (, they could submit a pull request to this repo (

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      Hey Nate,
      Thanks a lot for your reply.
      There is another URL to pull about 260 players. Its
      I have arranged my players based on the “priority” in the code, so the downside is when updating the players from a URL , it will add new players with a high priority, so it actually messes up your arranged list.
      Therefore the idea to manually update the players from the NAS, but I guess it doesn’t work.

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      Interesting. Thanks for sharing that link. But, it seems like it might be overkill since it has a lot of add-ons that most people don’t use.

      Does your NAS have a web access or any access over port 80? Figure out the IP address of your NAS and go to http://192.168.X.X in your browser. Worth a shot. If your NAS has web access, but over a special port, like 8080 for example, then go to http://192.168.X.X:8080

      If you figure out how to access that file on the NAS using a URL format like that, then you should be able to put that in OpenMeta.

      If that doesn’t work, then just upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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      Thanks a lot.

      I tried playing around with the web link of my NAS. When entering the IP only, it opens up the main login page. That would already be of an issue as openmeta will try to pull the information directly, obviously not with login credentials.
      Maybe there is a way I can integrate my username and password into the URL. I’ll have to do some research on this. Maybe you know something about this.

      Whenever I try to add the folder name ( ) it gives me a page not found error.

      I can also create a shared link from my NAS to share with friends to download. The problem is that this link requires an additional “download now” click/link, which doesn’t work in OpenMeta as it only pulls information and is not able to click “download now”

      I might have to look in to other services you mentioned such as dropbox etc.

      Thanks man

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      In regards to putting the login in the URL… it probably won’t work, but it’s worth a shot to try this… http://username:password@

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      Thanks a lot. I will take a look at this and will give feedback about the outcome.

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      Sebastian, did you figure it out?

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      Hi Nate,

      I have gotten this far:

      When entering
      it will ask me for a password. When entering the password I receive an error message.

      When entering
      I immediately receive an error message.

      I need to do more research with my Synology NAS, maybe there is something I am missing.
      I will keep you posted.

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      The error message I am receiving in the log is:

      URLerror:urlopen error (SSL Certificate Verify Failed) certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:726)

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      I looked at the Kodi log a little more in detail.
      There are multiple http errors naming the python 2.7 / the file name is

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      Sounds like that http:// URL is redirecting to https:// on a self-signed certificate or something. This solution probably won’t work. I’m not sure if the python / urllib2 errors are related.

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