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      My attempts to watch Exodus Redux or Genesis has been answered by “No streams available”. I read somewhere it is a glitch in the program and my efforts from the different tutorials to correct it has been unsuccessful. Can I hope it will be corrected itself or can you give any suggestions?. Appreciate any help.

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      Genesis has been long dead and gone for several years. Exodus Redux has been getting outdated and recently has been giving people problems since it hasn’t been maintained.

      Check out all the latest and greatest Kodi streaming add-ons here:

      If you’re still having problems with “No stream available”, go through my troubleshooting tips here:

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      Definitely check out the addons Nate is referring to.

      I currently use Seren a lot. Exodus Redux is working fine for me, but I have run into the problem that it couldn’t access my Trakt account and also had problems with streams. Try deinstalling the add on and reinstall – that worked for me. (When de-installing I checked the addon folder and noticed that Exodus Redux folders where still present – I deleted them manually, then rebooted the system for a clean install)

      Also look at the OpenMeta add on – it’s very useful.
      You don’t run the risk of setting up your menu tabs based on add on players (If an addon goes down you need to redo your menu items) but rather on OpenMeta.

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