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    When first opening Kodi (17) I get this message from GitHub.
    “No Available JSON-RPC connection to Kodi Enable both applications control options in service settings and control and restart Kodi.

    I’ve looked in the System settings under service and have no idea what to change or add. Searching the internet has way too many involved tech solutions I don’t understand. I can still use Kodi but some of the add-ons don’t work. Any suggestions?

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    I don’t understand what GitHub has to do with an error message when opening Kodi. Do you have a GitHub add-on installed? If so, try disabling it.

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    In Kodi Settings, there’s a Section called Services. In that section, there’s a section called Control. Under that section, there are two options in an option group called Applications Control. Both of those options are disabled by default, for good reason. You’re allowing things on your system and other systems remote access to control an application (Kodi) on your device. Quasar, Elementum, and apparently your GitHub addon, will give you this error (“No available JSON-RPC connection to Kodi. Enable both application control options in service settings/control and restart Kodi.”) that is trying to tell you to enable them both. It’s awkward capitalization, sentence structure, and unusual for a prompt to be so unspecific by using the word “both.” You’re not the first to be confused.

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