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      I have a Firestick and it is becoming very unresponsive. I have felt the need to refresh the build for a while but not got round to it. Are you abe to suggest a decent build with Rising Tides and a decent movie add-on at the very least………..

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      I would suggest the Slaminous lite or Onyx build. Both are in the Slaminous repo. The light build is bare bones but has good addons. The Onyx, a little heavier but not over bloated. Normally I dont do builds, but when setting up boxes for friends those are my 2 go to builds. If you want everything, then look up the some of the Diggz builds. These are full tv, video music and movie builds. Diggz builds run good on high end devices with good wifi or wired ethernet. They are not all over the internet but there very good builds. Just give them some time to setup as they are very well loaded. All the above will work with Real Debrid.

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