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    Dear Nathan and everyone else who should see this

    Yesterday, April 3, 2019 miracles of all miracles happened! I did what you told me to do and I deleted all of my Repository files and deleted my addons files that were in my file manager! Then I added an addon to see if it would open up in “Install from Repository” and it didn’t! I got the same error message, “Could not connect to Repository”. That was a day before yesterday, so yesterday I open up the Install from Repository and right click the file and choose, “Edit source”. After it opened up and gave me options below to uninstall, delete, update, etc. I choose update! A file came up of which I could update it and I did. After it updated, I hit the back button or right click on the mouse. I just wanted to see if I updated the file maybe it would open? So, I click on it to see if it would open up or get the blank, blank error message!

    And that’s when the miracle happened! I got no error message and it open up to choose from program add-ons or video add-ons to select from! I was totally shocked that it happened! I went back in file manager again and added the files that I deleted the day before and after all the Install from zip file where now in Repository File I went and open up all the files in “Install from Repository”! And they all worked! But to the question, why was I getting the error message in the first place? Who knows, but it is fixed and I am glad of that! Thank you, Mr. Kinkead for working with me!

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