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    Hi Nathan Every 60 minutes or so during KODI movie viewing my MXQ Pro reverts to the MBOX logo.  I am new to the box and have to select the Home screen and then reselect the movie in KODI and the fast forward to the point where I lost the movie.  Can you please advise if the is a box setting I must aplpy and,if not, is there a method of selecting the \”last viewed\” position? Many thanks

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    Sounds like there’s a screensaver you need to disable. But, yes, you can get it to remember your last position and play from there within the Exodus add-on settings (if that’s what you’re using), and also you can sync that across devices using the add-on.

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    Nathan. Thank you for your response. I looked for a screen saver on my mxq box but nothing was evident.  However I went to  Settings – Device- Display – Running Apps and disabled Android Live Wallpapers and Basic Daydreams.
    In Settings-Device – Display I noted that Daydream was set to Clock and 1 hour.  There did not appear to be an option to turn Daydream off and the device is defaulting to an MBOX logo and not a clock when it suddenly stops movie playback. So I guess the issue is not with Daydream.
    In Kodi i selected Exodus – Settings – Play Back – When Playback Starts and noted that Resume Playback was already selected. 
    So I am guessing I may have missed something somewhere. i would be grateful for any further advice you can give
    Cliff Thomas

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    It sounds like you’ll have to contact MBOX support.  They must have some customization for the screensaver and it’s not letting you turn it off.

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    Mxq+ Pro
    How do i disable the screen saver? Reverts back to home screen every couple hours
    Much appreciated.

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