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      I have gone through the downloading process several times on KODI only to finally notice that movies on some sites are SMB files. Even the same provider, who might offer a TV show which I CAN download on the C Drive WILL NOT do a movie on the C drive.I use Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface Pro for almost everything. But this one has got me stumped. I can watch the movie online with no problem, but downloading (although is says it was successfully downloaded) does not reveal a file for me.

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      By “SMB files”, do you mean the file extensions is “.smb” at the end, or do you mean they use the “smb://” protocol at the beginning?

      I haven’t run across this problem, but I would like to know more. Can you provide any specific example I can use to test?

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      No. There is no “.smb” extension at the end. I go through the whole process….click on KODI, then movies. (In this case The Matrix) After choosing, I wait for it to load the providers available. I right click on one offering download (in this case “IWAATCH DIRECT 720P MP4”). Click on download and confirm. It will begin to download something somewhere. It advises every 10% until done when it reports it is complete. It reports that it is a SMB://thematrix(1999)\thematrix(1999).MP4 I cannot find the downloaded file anywhere.

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      You can’t find the download anywhere because “SMB://” is not a valid path. “SMB://” is apparently set as the “Download Path” for movies in the add-on that you’re using. Which add-on are you using? You should be able to go to that add-on’s settings, then go to the Downloads tab and set the download paths for TV Shows and for Movies. This needs to be done for each streaming add-on that you want to use.

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