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      1. I have lost the ability 2 get any results when I ‘SEARCH’ movies – just get 2 dots – no problem ‘searching’ TVShows – probably over ‘fine tuned’ my add-ons settings but don’t know how 2 reverse it – doesn’t matter what add-on I use – primarily using YODA/13CLOWNS/EXODUS – any suggestions as 2 how 2 correct this? ?

      2. It’s been suggested that APK’s R a better way 2 go. . . know nothing about APK’s . . where can I find info and direction on APK’s?

      Meni Tankx . .R

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      1. I just tested the movies search in Yoda and it’s working fine. I’m currently on Kodi 18. Has yours been updated yet or are you still on 17?

      2. I don’t believe there’s any reason why APK’s are inherently better than Kodi add-ons. They are all essentially the same technology (multiple provider scraping), but just with a different wrapper. Here’s a good read on the topic…

      Terrarium TV vs Kodi – Weighing the Pros and Cons

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