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      i am trying to intergrate the in theaters section of genesis into my library instead if the collection or watchlist i would prefer primewire/1 channel because i like the way they put the source quality as cam, ts, dvd, ect. But i would settle for anything. My main goal is to have all the in theater movies in my library and have it update when new ones come available and incorporate that into my widget so it shows thumbnails for movies in theaters and when they get new sources. If i could possibly even have it say the quality of it below the thumbnail that would be perfect but it might be asking for too much. Is any of this possible?

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      Genesis will only let you add single movies to your library.  Unfortunately, it won’t let you recursively add an entire category of movies.  However, with some skins like Aeon Nox, you can add a menu menu link that goes directly to that category page within the Genesis plugin.  Maybe that is close to what you want.  It would save time so you don’t have to navigate all the way in there each time.

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