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    Will IPVanish work on the above modem/router & what is the yearly renewal fee? TYI.

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    IPVanish (or any other VPN service) typically does not work directly on routers. You are supposed to install the IPVanish app on each device where that you want to use it.

    The only exception to that is if you buy a modded after-market router specifically designed to use with a VPN service. For example, FlashRouters…

    The confusion comes from the fact that normal routers list a VPN server feature. That is different from what you’re looking for. That lets you connect to your local network from a remote location. But, for something like IPVanish, you’re looking for your router to act as the VPN client, not server… accessing a remote VPN server owned by IPVanish.

    I hope that answers your question and helps to clear up any confusion.

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    Oh, and IPVanish is having a big sale this week…

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