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    I have downloaded the app, now what do I do? I tried to download the file you mentioned but I could not find “accounts” under add on. I’m simple. Just want to watch some movies and all this programmer stuff makes my head hurt. Help

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    Which file did you download? I mention a lot of stuff.

    Did you follow this tutorial?

    The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Kodi Setup

    Which add-on are you trying?

    The Best Kodi Streaming Add-ons of March 2019! (Updated Daily)

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    Yes, I followed that tutorial and then tried to download real debrid. That’s where I couldn’t find accounts. I also noticed after downloading ES file manager that I am receiving pop ups. Is that normal? It happened only once but I’ve never had a pop up before

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    If ES File Explorer is giving you popups, then I would uninstall it.

    Real-Debrid is not something that you download. It’s where you set up an account and purchase a premium subscription at real-debrid.com and then you can authorize your Kodi add-ons to use your Real-Debrid account.

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