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      Hi Nathan,
      I have an interesting issue that I am trying to sort out. When I use The Crew, Tempest, etc. Kodi addons to play a new TV episode in 720P it I would select the first link, normally a cached torrent and it would play immediately, no problems.
      When I want to play an older TV Show say from 2015 – 2017 the issue starts. In some shows I get lots of Real Debrid links, cached torrents and free links but the addon will run through all the links without opening one of them. Sometimes I will get lucky and get one free link to play, normally something like CartoonHD/Vidnode in 720P. In other words it would not open any Real Debrid links, cached torrents or otherwise but open and play free links.
      I have done of trouble shooting, also used your “Fix Kodi Streaming Issues with These 17 Expert Troubleshooting Tips” checklist but without success. It used to be OK and that is what’s bugging me. Maybe somebody could point me in the right direction to look for a fix?
      I have the following setup:
      • Android 9 H96 TV Box
      • Kodi 18.5
      • Real Debrid up to date and download port set to “secure”
      • Hard wired to 20Mbps Fibre Internet
      • Adjusted The Hidden Kodi Cache Settings

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      The way you describe this problem, it sounds like your Real-Debrid subscription has expired. But, you said you went through my troubleshooting post. Did you check that?

      If it’s not your subscription, I would try the clear and re-authorize Real-Debrid in your add-on to see if it just needs to reconnect.

      Another possibility is that Real-Debrid has been having issues. I do seem to remember reading on Reddit that RD was down for a little while and people were experiencing these types of issues. You might want to check out the Addons4Kodi subreddit to see if others are reporting the same issue.

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      Faut-il absolument payer un abonnement pour avoir accès à Real Debrid et par conséquent avoir accès aussi à Seren.
      Bien cordialement

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      I have same problem Nathan have, i have a working account but the torrent link don’t work with TV show.Any help is appreciated thanks

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      Real debrid is working fine.

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