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      I have gone to Settings, Mysettings, Network and enabled wifi, typed in my IPaddresses, and clicked on save.  A green dot appears in front of the wifi settings, yet overtime I backspace to the last page or go to another one, my wifi disconnects.  I have tried everything I can think of.  I have an Apple Extreme wifi.  Kodi does not have their phone number anymore or a contact.  I sure hope you can help me.

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      I did some research and it seems that “kbox” is a pre-loaded Android box with a lot of kodi add ons. Over time, add ons are shut down, they change etc, so a preloaded kodi box will not work at some point.
      Personally, I would erase the entire content and start from scratch and install the add ons one needs. Keep it minimalistic. I also would not upload a “build”, as this is overloaded with useless stuff.

      Nathan has a great guide on how to set up a kodi.

      The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Kodi Setup

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      Are you trying to get your box online?  Why would you type your IP address?  It sounds like you just need to connect to your wifi with your wifi password, no?  Did I miss something?

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      You were right, I deleted all my IP addresses and just entered my wifi password.  And now I am connected and was able to download a lot of add-ons also, by using the directions from your web site.  I so appreciate your help and thoughtfulness.  Thank you very much.  

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      You’re welcome!

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      Why does my kodi box not let me get into shows?  It says cancelling sources?

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      Joanne, are you using a remote control?  Cancelling sources shows after you select a show and then select the cancel button that immediately pops up.  I wonder if your remote control is sending double signals.

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      So my Kbox showed an update due so I ran it. I am now showing Krypton and a whole new look when it rebooted. Nothing will work. All the movie and TV sources are blank. Anyone else having this issue?

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      Scott, which add-ons and repos are installed on your newly updated Kodi?  I ask because it may be related to the downfall of TVAddons.

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      I have an older K Box (2015) I think. My home screen doesn’t look the way it used to look. There are no available updates but when I go to movies or tv shows there is nothing available. I can only watch what I have saved in “Favourites”
      Can you help me? Is there a new cloud word that I can use?

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      It sounds like your Kodi software is out of date. You’ll probably need to manually install it, unless your box has Google Play Store. If it does, then make sure Kodi is updated to the latest version.

      Have a look through this step by step guide to setting up the best Kodi experience. https://kinkeadtech.com/complete-guide-ultimate-kodi-setup/

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      We have a K-box we bought from Westcoast Streaming. We can not get any streams for the tv shows we watch now. can you help us.

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      Is there any updates the Kbox I have not been able to contact west coast streaming support.

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      I have a Kbox is there any updates I have not been able to contact the support for West Coast streaming.

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