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    So, I’ve been using Poached for a while, but a new problem has shown up. If I try to “browse for subtitles…” in the Subtitle menu on the player, the interface freezes up and will not accept any commands. Shortly after, the movie will pause playing. The mouse cursor works but can’t highlight or select anything. So, I have to press home screen on my remote (Android Box) then open the list of running apps and then close KODI using that. Then I have to turn KODI back on, find the movie, and it doesn’t remember where I was. Plus, any attempts to skip forwards and back cause the movie to screw up (video stops but audio keeps going on as normal). Help!

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    1) Something is definitely wrong with the subtitles feature you’re using in Poached. Have you tried a different add-on? I think Poached is abandoned.

    2) If you need to force close Kodi, it won’t remember where you were. I think it only stores your watch progress when you pause or stop.

    3) Issues with seeking back or forward in a video in Kodi has been a problem for a while. However, I don’t seem to have that issue much anymore. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Kodi and it really helps to subscribe to Real-Debrid.

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