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      Has anybody tried the new Kodi 19 on android tv box? If so which addons work and don’t work? I seen online that Kodi 19 uses some new/different software and may not be compatible with the older addons (for use with Kodi 18)

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      My Darn Android box auto updated to 19 ( I thought I had auto update off)… but now, I’m stuck with 19 and The Crew, Venom and Tempest is dead…. I have not seen anything from Kinkead bout what apps are working yet…. It’s going to be a long weekend I guess.

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      I never let mine do any auto updates for anything. I don’t trust what could happen, I like to wait and see how things work. That is the reason for this post. Some people like the latest and greatest, I’m not one of them though. I lost one of my tv boxes because I updated the firmware and it bricked it. Expensive lesson I don’t want to repeat. Thanks for the update on the Kodi 19. You planning on rolling it back to 18.9?

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      I thought I had auto updates turned off and I guess I didn’t and I’m really mad at myself… the 3 add ons I rely on are now worthless in 19… I even have a debrid account so it caught me off guard today….

      I’ve been doing some reading and could I just add a version 18.9x along with the 19 that is installed and as the new add ons come along I could switch over.

      I looked for a way to downgrade (no, I didn’t have a back up)… So I guess I’m looking for the best option until the 3rd party apps come along…

      One other question, I happen to see something about Venom drooping out on the 21st of march, something to do with TVDB?

      All these changes are tough to keep up with…

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      I would hold off on 19 until you the addons you use have been updated to the new python code that kodi uses. Turn off any auto updates for your box. If your box did update, you’ll unfortunately have to download kodi 18 and reinstall all your addons. Kodi 18 still works great for me.

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