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      I bought 2 KBoxes about a year or so ago and they worked great initially. Now when I try watching anything, I can select shows (TV) or movies but nothing happens. I have tried rebooting to factory resets and going through all the steps to reconnect and everything appears to work fine until I try and select TV Shows or Movies. My first cloudword was “sfan”, and I was told to change to “spf1”. “spf1” works to get me to the right start screen but nothing works when I select it. I looked at your site and tried to install “Smash” but it wont let me. I have no other idea of what to do. The support site I used to be able to call or email can no longer be found … it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore!

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      I did some research and the Kbox Arnu Mach 8 is a Linux based box without Android.It seems to be hardcoded and it can’t be changed. So this seems to be a technical dead end road.

      My advice is to invest in a H96 Android Box (4GB RAM) or even better (Thats what I did after a year or two) INTEL NUC Barebone PC as a Home Theater PC.
      You can install an OS (Android, LibreElec etc.) , then the Kodi app and are able to change it, update the system, install add ons etc.

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      I had to factory reset my box but now my system won’t come up my cloudword was pulse.. it was working before just froze sometimes I did a recovery first before this and now it won’t do anything

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      Bret, I’m having a hard time pin-pointing exactly what issue you’re having that you need help with. I have no idea what you mean by…
      ‘My first cloudword was “sfan”, and I was told to change to “spf1”. “spf1” works’

      I would offer help with installing Smash repo, but it’s been down since yesterday.

      My first thought to you… is your Kodi updated to the latest version 17.4?

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      My Kbox model mach 8 has not worked in some time since it had me do an update and I can not remeber my cloudword. How do I reboot or get my cloudword ? Thanks

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      I have a KBOX and I did a factory reset. It is prompting me for a cloud word which was “mybox” prior to with no problem. When now entering mybox, I now get an error “download was interrupted”. What am I now to do? Are there any fall back cloud words 8 can use so the files can be extracted so I can start using Kodi in my Kbox? Thanks!

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