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      I have no trouble streaming movies and tv shows, but cannot use the web browser feature or access internet. I am trying to connect with my VPN, but I receive weird error messages such as Protocol error, etc.

      Please help. Thx

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      That doesn’t make sense. How can you be streaming movies and TV shows, but you don’t have Internet? Am I missing something? Which VPN provider are you using?

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      I agree that this does not make any sense, but it is true. I am trying to connect to my VPN which is IPVanish. I have even talked with their tech people but cannot resolve this issue. I cannot get any help from anybody from Dragonbox.

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      If you disconnect your VPN, then does your web browser work?

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      That’s what’s so confusing: the IPVanish app is downloaded but I can’t connect with it.




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      So, do you have Internet access? When you say that you can stream TV shows and movies, do you mean from streaming add-ons or do you have local media?

      Can you run an Internet speed test?

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