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      I am subscribed to IP Vanish. I have it installed but removed in from the firestck cloud and when I go to my all aps it does not appear. I have to go to the top and hit settings then manage aps then it shows and I can start it. When I go to the home screen IP vanish does not appear as recently used. How do I fix this? I even reset my firestick but that did not help

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      What “firestick cloud” are you referring to?

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      The firestick show many apps that are in the cloud until you download the app. Then it will show on the main apps on your firestick. Mine only shows when I go to settings then apps and not on the main screen

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      Oh, so you meant the Amazon App Store. Well, if you have the app installed, usually just opening it once gets it to show up on recent apps on the home screen. That’s not working for you?

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      no, it is not

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      I uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed it

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      Great! Glad that worked.

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