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    noticed you have said that vpn will now work ok on 1st generation fire stick but after installing ok my external ip does not change ? Any thoughts please

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    I just tested it again myself and it’s working perfectly.  The external IP address showing in Indigo changed after I connected the IPVanish app.
    However, I did notice that the IPVanish APK file that I linked to in my post was old (3.0.4).  I just updated the link to the latest version (3.0.14).  Maybe that was the problem.

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    Does IPVanish work with 1st Gen Firestick

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    We never did get it to work – I bought a mini travel router which I have installed the vpn on.

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    Sorry for the confusion in this forum thread.  I was under the impression that the 1st gen fire stick did not support VPN software.  Then, commenters started telling me that they got it to install after an update.  Later, it turned out that the app would install and appear to be working, but it was actually not working.  1st gen Fire Stick simply doesn’t support VPN functionality.  You’ll need the newer model.

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