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    I got to where u select GitHub, but it would not select. Any alternatives to solve it. HELP.



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    Same problem here.
    I was able to get it to load on Spmc after numerous tries. Like install and uninstall half dozen times.
    But I can not get it to go on Kodi 18.
    Sorry. No help here.

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    I have seen on some devices where I couldn’t get Indigo’s Github Browser to work. I haven’t found a solution to that.

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    See my response on the other github issue post.
    Your issue was exactly what I was having.
    The address is incorrect on Nathan’s install. But he has a screenshot right below the address. Just zoom in and you’ll see there is a hash (/) missing at the end. Uninstall the repo and reinstall with this and it should all work.

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    The trailing slash doesn’t matter. It should work the same with or without it.

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