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    Your video on installing Exodus in Kodi needs some updating. Thanks for your great Website on Kodi, but what I’ve learned is that a novice like myself is unable to follow your thinking and mouse-click travels while you are explaining a procedure. The novice needs a simple, step-by-step visual and printable explanation of the numerous, often confusing steps that must be followed exactly to make Kodi work.
    If I may offer a few words of advice: when making a video, turn off any bright lights in the background, or in the scene behind the person (you) that the camera is focused on, and increase the Treble range of your speaking voice.

    I’d imagine that a glossary of the components of this software, with simple explanations of the many, unfamiliar coding words, like “repository,” “scrapers,” etc. and a simple step by step outline, with screen shots in B&W, on how to install, would really be useful to the larger audience of potential users. Or, make your information easy to cut and paste into Word, with graphics that don’t appear as black rectangles, now that would be awesome.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. That was an old video and wasn’t all that well-produced. Since then, I’ve focused more on my tutorial blog posts to make them as easy as possible to follow.

    Here’s the one for Exodus.

    If you copy the text from that, and paste it in Word, it works just fine and even pulls in the screenshots (however it doubles the because of the gallery thumbnails), but that shouldn’t be too difficult to clean up if you really want to print it. But, if you have a smart phone, you can just pull up the post on there.

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