How do I turn on, and use, "download" in Kodi 17.

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      Currently using Real Debrid through Exodus and it is working well.
      Have tried to set up “Download” using your “Ultimate Guide- How To Set UpKodi The Right Way” but it doesnt seem to be working for me.
      Wondering if you could publish a difinitive step by step system for Dummies on how to set up Download and olso how to use it once it is correctly set up.

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      Sure thing! Here you go…

      How to Set Up Download in Kodi Add-ons

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      Thanks for your instructions on how to configure “Downloads” in Kodi however I have now created what I think is a major problem.
      When I set up Kodi Download I thought I set it up to download to an external hard drive but the file was downloaded onto the Media Player Hard other files drive. In my efforts to try and download the file (failed miserably). I went into settings > external hard drive > format hard drive. Once the hard drive was formatted it asked if I wanted to download. I clicked yes. This downloaded all Add-ons, Apps etc from the media player. This process also deleted them from the media player.
      As these files are now on the hard drive the media player is still functional while the hard drive is connected. I am hoping you may be able to help with the following. 1/ How do I load these files back on to the media player. 2/If this is not feasible then how do I reset the media player, and if I do, will I loose other files (Kodi etc) in the process? It would be so good to be able to reload the files from the hard drive. Hope you can help. Regards

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      What kind of device are you using? Sorry, I’m having a hard time following exactly what you did. If you were trying to get files off of a hard drive, then why did you select “Format hard drive”? That would delete everything. How, if they are all deleted, why are you still trying to figure out how to get them? I’m so confused about your situation.

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      Hi Nathan, Sorry to have confused you, I am a real Amateur at this. Have solved the initial problem which I formatted the USB thinking it would allow me to download movies to it. In the process I downloaded my Apps,Files etc. I got these files back onto the MX10 by opening up storage where it was as simple as clicking “Yes’ To “Do you want to upload these files to the Media Box.
      The second problem was to reformat the USB cack to Fat32 format. As Windows could not recognise the format used by the Media Box I then realised I could use Windows Disk Manager, so now I have full use of my USB but still can’t download movies to either an internal or external folder. I have made some notes on everything I have tried to do to download files to an external hard drive and am wondering if I could send them as an attachment to you. As I cant see this facility here on this site how can I do this?

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      Sure, your can send your notes to nathan (at) kinkeadtech (dot) com

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