How can I get the OWN Network?

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      How can I get the OWN Network? 

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      yes I have a KODI and want to see the haves and haves not and if you loving you is wrong? Other Tyler Perry shows that air OWN will be great too.

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      If Loving You Is Wrong is on Kodi via Exodus but unfortunately some of the streams are screwed up. Season 1 seems okay but Season 2, the links point to Season 3 for some reason.

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      You’re going to have to give me a little more context here.  I’m assuming you’re using a Kodi video streaming add-on.  Which one?  Also, which show are you looking for?  Did you search for the show and not find it?

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      I suggest you start here…

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      TeeVee allows you to view shows within an hour or so of it airing. You can search by TV show or by TV schedule 

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