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      I have been using IPVanish on my amazon fire TV box for months now without any issue however for the past few days now its no longer connecting.
      When I try the connection on my laptop there is no issue. it works correctly but on Amazon Fire it doesn’t.
      it just can’t authenticate anymore. its looping between authentication and trying to re-connect again. 
      The amazon Fire Box is connected to internet and is working correctly without any problem. 
      I also need to mention that any other VPN I try on the Amazon fire works correctly except IPVanish therefore I’m convinced the problem is with IPVanish.

      IPVanish version 
      Amazon Fire running on android
      I was running a previous IPVanish version when the issue started few days ago. 
      I then upgraded to the newest version( but the issue remains.

      Can you please assist on this issue.

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      Try this…
      home screen -> settings -> applications -> manage installed applications -> ipvanish -> clear data
      Let me know if this helps clear the issue.

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      Hi Nathan
      Thanks for your answer unfortunately I tried it but nothing changed. I did raise a support case no one got back to me during the past 7 days.
      its just sad the fact that IPVanish doesn’t provide support to its customers. I read different reviews about IPVanish where many people complain about the lack of support. in my opinion their VPN is worthless without support. I will subscribe to ExpressVPN which I read they provide support. I’m just upset about the money I spent in  subscribing for their service as I have the yearly subscription and I barely used it for 3 months now.

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      I have exactly the same problem as the person above .

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      I just tested it on my 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick and I was able to connect right away. Then, I realized that I was running an older version of the IPVanish app (from back when you had to side-load it). So, then I uninstalled IPVanish and searched for it on the Amazon App Store, and installed the latest version from there (much better looking interface, btw). I was able to connect with a single click of the connect button. No problems at all.

      I think you really need to contact IPVanish support ( and ask them for help. Since yours was looping over authentication, I have a feeling that there might be something wrong with your account, like it didn’t renew properly.

      Despite what the previous person claimed, IPVanish has excellent support. I think that person was someone from Express VPN trying to spread rumors to send people their way.

      Anyway, if you get it resolved, please let me know what it was. Thanks.

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      hi –
      my ipvanish will not connect on my fire tv anymore, nor will it connect on my iphone 7+. i cleared the cache and data, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my fire tv and it still will not connect. i hope you can help because i have never had this problem before


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      Kelly, have you confirmed that your IPVanish account still active? If it stopped connecting on multiple devices, then it sounds like it’s an account issue and not a device/app issue.

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      I’m using the Amazon Echo Cube with Fire TV built in. I registered and activated the ipVanish app on Fire TV and tried to connect to my Amazon Prime Video account. I’m able to,get to the main Prime Video Page but Amazon recognizes that I’m out of the US (I’m in Mexico) and won’t let me view any video.

      My ipVanish account is current and my Amazon Prime account is current. I’ve tried using different ipVanish servers in different locations and still couldn’t get it to work. Using all the same equipment I am able to watch Netflix using ipVanish. This seems to be a problem only with Amazon Primme Video.

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      Interesting. I wonder if it’s using your address that is attached to your Amazon account or the country configured in your device settings.

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      Disabling adblock app Blokada did the trick for me. Working like a champ.

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      Clear data worked for me, thanks Nathan!

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      Just purchased IPVanishVPN today and installed on my 2nd Gen Firestick
      It worked the first time.
      Then when turning TV on and going to Firestick it goes to IPVanishVPN screen and freezes up. Rebooting Firestick does morning. My screen is blank.
      TV not recognizing anything. Changed HDMI ports. Same issue

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      ip vanish not working with fire tv. work with computer and phone. tried all the avove. nothing work.

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      VPNs are not compatible with the 1st generation Fire Stick. Ever since 2nd gen (with the introduction of the Alexa voice remote), VPNs like IPVanish have been compatible.

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      Please help! I cannot log into ipvanish on my firestick. It’s a new 2nd gen, just installed it yesterday and got a year subscription to ipvanish. All I get is a message “unknown error logging in”. I have tried clearing cache, data, uninstalling/reinstalling app, resetting firestick device, resetting password (which btw works on the phone and computer, so it’s not a login issue). I’m out of ideas!

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      Omer, it sounds like you’ve tried all the things I would try. I suggest you contact IPVanish support over here … Hopefully they can help you get squared away.

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      I have a second generation fire stick 4K and when I hit “Connect” nothing happens Cache & data are clear and the account shows active until 2021, any ideas

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      Same as above. Definitely report that to IPVanish support to see if they can help you or if you need a refund.

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      My firetv kept saying low data even when I deleted everything so thought would restore to factory settings and reinstall apps. Well before the restore IPVanish worked and still does work on my other tv and phone but now I can’t connect on this TV. I uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache etc and still cannot get IPVanish to connect again. Every time I do it get “connection failed”. It doesn’t matter what server or protocol I use it will not connect. How can I get IPVanish to work again on my FireTV?

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      Oh, that sounds very strange. You should contact IPVanish support. They might be able to help you.

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