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    Hi Nathan,
    A while ago I bought an Android MXQ Pro media player.
    It runs Kodi 18 lieca and has Exodus pre-installed.
    I only got it so I could keep up with Game of Thrones !.
    I am having a lot of problems with ‘No stream available’.
    I have installed git browser and tried to download some Gitbrowser usernames but it just comes up with ‘ERROR’.
    I am a retired Engineer living now in Spain, and am very limited on new digital technology. I have spent hours trying to rectify and I am about at the end of my patience.
    I use for its VPN.
    Can you advise please

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    Sorry to hear of your frustration.

    Are you able to actually enter the Github username, but it gives you the error at that point before it gives you any results? Or does it give you an error when you select an add-on or repo after searching for a Github username?

    Also, once you get that error message, take note of the time and then look in your error log. Here are instructions for that.

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