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      Hi Nathan I’m using fen on nvidia shield downstairs and firestick upstairs. We watched the 1st episode of BBC Dracula then the second episode wouldn’t play, it would play the first episode or the Dracula TV series with Meyers. It played on the firestick but it was late so we went to bed early the next night and it did the same thing that the nvidia was doing, playing the first episode again or the wrong series! Any advice on how to fix this? I’ve tried other addons but they’re doing the same thing.

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      Kirsty, I answered your question in a new post. I hope this helps…

      How to Fix Kodi Add-on Streaming the Wrong Episode

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      This is not a hardware or software error on your kodi. I ran into the same problem.
      The add ons must have a wrong dracula linked.
      Try using the context menu in order to “select source” and try different links. There was one which worked.

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      Thanks for the advice, I got to see it eventually! Thanks again

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      Cool !

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