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    I installed this app by mistakewhen re- installing apps after doing a clean install of Kodi18.2, resulting in cdtv app hijacking Kodi and making it totaly different program. I have tried to find the app no luck,I tried uninstalling Kodi, then rebooting the laptop before re-installing Kodi several times but it is still has the hijacked cdtv version after re-installing Kodi. I would very much appreciate your help as this is my only source of tv/movies in english.
    Thankyou, Regards, arthur

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    Which OS are you using? Android, Windows, etc?

    Uninstalling usually clears the data, but in some cases, it might linger. If you browse to your userdata folder (or the Kodi folder above it) and delete it, then it should wipe all that data.

    There are also some addons that have a fresh start wipe tool… Like Indigo.

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