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    I tried the clear cache method as described:
    Cache Settings in advancedsettings.xml
    pushing a file using ADBLink.
    ………If not, get it here. (Windows / Mac OS X 10.7+ / Linux)

    Both of my Antivirus alarms rang out at the same time.
    What they both found was:

    10036875.exe sent to virus chest infected with
    Win32:IENewTab-B [Adw].
    Thanks but no thanks, been there done that. Had to buy a new
    laptop because of infections I couldn’t get rid of.
    Many of your topics are very relevant to me though.

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    Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe that link is old. I just updated that post to simply point to the website that links to their own download files…

    Give that a try to see if the latest installer doesn’t trigger your antivirus.

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