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    I have Beast TV and got firesticks for all 3 TVs. It was working fine, but now 2 of the TVs it says “this video can not be played. Please try again or pick another video.”
    Do you understand what is going on?

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    Beast TV is the name of the Kodi build, right? Which add-on are you using?

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    Hi my beast tv was fine now it won’t play the channel it’s all there but won’t play what can I do thanks

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    My beasttv isnt working . Keeps saying find another video. Its doing this to all the channels

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    Cannot get tv connection no channels working please help thanks

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    I assume you’re talking about Beast IPTV, right? Looks like they have an outage. They have a big red message posted on their website.

    From what I gather, 99% of the IPTV services are down right now because they were depending on a service from Xtream Codes CMS which was recently shut down.

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