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      As a long serving member of the Ares team I am slightly insulated at your lack of research before branding a well known, highly regarded Repo such as ours as “A major security risk” “Dangerous Abandoned Kodi Repo” that is most likely hacked and pushing questionable software to our users devices”

      Team Ares Repo has and never will be abandoned.
      It was simply changed to a maintenance wizard after the infringement order.

      Team Ares are still extremely active in the Kodi community and still available on our support forum should you have any future unfounded accusations.

      I will thank you to amend this misinformation forthwith.

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      Thank you for the correction. I didn’t make up that list, but I found several sources naming Ares as abandoned. I corrected the post with a link back to here.

      13 Dangerous Abandoned Kodi Repos That You Need to Uninstall Now

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