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      Until recently I have been able to download subject subtitle add-ons by downloading the SuperRepo repository on my TI-8+ and TI-8 android boxes. I have to redo this every time there is a media center update requiring a “Fresh” install. This last week I installed the latest update from the EZStream updater and tried the old solution of installing the repository and then installing the two subtitle add-ons. This time I get repeated “Fail to download” messages. Is there another way to successfully download subject add-ons?
      Thank you in advance..Ron

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      Both of those subtitle add-ons are available in the Official Kodi Repository. I just downloaded both of them without any problem.

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      When you install Kodi, it comes with the Official Kodi Repository out of the box. Correction from before, it has the official OpenSubtitles, not the unofficial one. Where did you get the unofficial one from?

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      Both the “Unofficial” OpenSubtitles and Addic7ed addons are in the SuperRepo repository. Which I have had to install from a zip file: onto my EZStream android box. Previously, I have been able to download them using the “download from repository” function within the EZStream Media Center. Both add-ons are in the repository but when I try to install/enable them, I get a “failed to install” message. I was hoping there was an alternative method or another repository that contained the subtitle add-ons I want to download. The OpenSubtitles (Unofficial) add-on is in my opinion a much better option than the official version. More stable and functional. Thanks

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      Ok, yeah, SuperRepo is down. Has been for a while now.

      Regarding OpenSubtitles, the one in the Official Kodi Repo is 5.0.16 from 2016-11-26. But, there is another one called “service.subtitles.opensubtitles by opensubtitles” which is on version 5.2.14 from 2017-01-23 (which is a couple months newer). That one is available on the repo.

      I’m not seeing the Addic7ed add-on anywhere else besides the official Kodi repo on version 3.0.1.

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      Oh, you’re still on Jarvis? You’re about to be 2 major versions behind.

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      I checked the Kodi Repository on my EZStream box and it does not contain either the addic7ed or OpenSubtitles (unofficial) add-ons. That repository may or may not haver been the “Official Kodi Repository”. How about a quick tutorial on how to download the Official Kodi Repository onto my EZStream TI-8+? Thanks!

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      Very helpful! Thank you for your time and patience. Although I am not sure if I will be able to upload the “Official Kodi Repo (v) 3.0.1 onto my TI-8+ box without having some conflicts with the existing Kodi Repo on the unit. The current version already installed is “Jarvis”.

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