15 Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Kodi Streaming Issues (Like “No Stream Available”)

Troubleshooting Kodi Streaming Issues

Kodi not working?  Getting the infamous Exodus “No stream available” error? (or any other Kodi add-on, for that matter)

I get a lot of comments and questions from readers like you who run into Kodi streaming issues with add-ons like Exodus, Covenant, etc.  I’ve replied so many times with many of the same tips, so I thought I should compile a comprehensive list of all of the troubleshooting tips I usually give to people to help get their Kodi setup running smoothly again.  I hope this helps you.

Add Shows to Kodi Genesis from any HTPC in the House

Kodi Genesis Tools

Okay, so if you’re reading this, you most likely have already installed the Genesis add-on in Kodi, you hopefully discovered that you can merge Genesis TV Shows and Movies into you video library, and you probably even setup your video library on MySQL to sync your Genesis library across multiple HTPCs in your home.

So what’s next?  How can it get any more awesome?

This tutorial will show you how to configure Kodi Genesis on remote computers so that you can add TV Shows or Movies to your library from remote computers and have it add to your central MySQL library.

Location of Kodi (XBMC) UserData Folder

Sync Genesis TV & Movie Libraries Across Multiple Kodi HTPCs

Due to some of my tutorials like How to Merge Kodi Streaming Add-ons into the Video Library and Sync Genesis TV & Movie Libraries Across Multiple Kodi HTPCs, I get a lot of questions from people who are using something besides Windows.  They are usually asking where to find the path to the Kodi userdata folder.  Since I didn’t want to clutter up my tutorials with all of the separate directions for various operating systems, I’ve kept them only relating to Windows.

So how do you find the userdata folder in Kodi if you are using a different OS?  Here you go!

Sync Genesis TV & Movie Libraries Across Multiple Kodi HTPCs

Selecting a Genesis Streaming Link from the Kodi Library

This is a follow-up to my previous post, How to Merge Kodi Streaming Add-ons into the Video Library.  If you haven’t read that post, please check that out first.  After many years of being an XBMC / Kodi user, it was a complete game changer.

Now, after I set up my main home theater PC (HTPC) with TV shows and movies merged into the library, I noticed an issue where other HTPCs in my home couldn’t access that media.  Episodes would appear, but the links were broken.

Remotely Control Kodi (XBMC) with Yatse using Port Forwarding

Yatse on Moto 360 Android Wear watch

If you use Kodi (formerly XBMC) with the Yatse Android app, you know how many awesome features you get that make everything feel so seamless and integrated.  But, just out of the box, you only get those features if you are connected to your home wifi.

This guide will show you how to get all that home theater connectivity on your Android phone from anywhere in the world.

Genesis is My Favorite XMBC/Kodi Video Streaming Add-on for TV & Movies

Genesis Add-on for XBMC and Kodi

Have you ever been frustrated with XBMC or Kodi when it seems like you’re spending more time trying to find a shows than the time it takes to actually watch it?

Since Kodi is an open ecosystem, lots of people set it up differently to their own liking.  It seems like no two Kodi users have the exact same configuration, add-ons, and methods of watching TV.  That’s where people like me come in… to share my experiences and offer recommendations to help you save time and frustration.

Xbox One XBMC / Kodi Live TV OneGuide Integration

Xbox One XBMC / Kodi Live TV OneGuide Integration

Cable or satellite customers who have an Xbox One with Kinect rave about OneGuide, Xbox One’s integration with live TV services.  You can use Xbox’s interface or voice commands and the Xbox will send IR commands from the Kinect to the cable or satellite set-top box to change the channels accordingly.

But what if you’re a “cord-cutter” like me and don’t have cable or satellite?  You’ve been out of luck, having to reach for a separate remote control to control Kodi instead of being able to use Xbox OneGuide and voice controls… until now, that is!

This guide will share how you can configure your Xbox One and Kodi on your HTPC to make it so saying “Xbox Watch NBC” will make Kodi change channels to NBC.

How to Make XBMC/Kodi Pause When Your Phone Rings

Yatse Call Plugin

Do you ever miss phone calls because you couldn’t hear it ring over the sound of your favorite TV show?  Or, have you found yourself frantically searching for the remote to pause the TV so you can answer a phone call?

Well, if you use XBMC/Kodi to watch TV (like I do), there’s an easy way to make your show automatically pause when you phone starts ringing.

How to Control XBMC from Tasker

Control XBMC from Tasker

Trying to figure out how to tie together all of the separate pieces of your home automation system? One nice link to have is to control XBMC from Tasker (the Android automation app). Why? (you might ask?) Well, if Tasker can make your XBMC media center play and pause (or other various actions), then that opens up a whole world of possibilities of events that can trigger that Tasker profile.